Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Apple of My Eye

This one is unusual for me. I don't normally go in for product shots, anything advertorial. I tend to find the results I get are a little less than interesting. If you have a mooch through my flickr photo stream you'll see what I do take photos of, found things. I go walking with camera and shoot what my eye finds. It's not planned.

In a way this is what happened here.

In the evening, after a days walking and shooting I was sitting down, laptop to my left, single light source on, everything looking calm and moody. I reached for my camera to transfer the days shots and as I turned back to open the lid of the powerbook I saw this shot. So it's found beauty and advertorial at the same time.

I am kind of in love with the shallow depth of field and the subtle bokeh on the far end of the apple logo, and I think the composition is kind of good too...

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